How to Install PyCaret? VS Code, Jupyter Notebook, Anaconda

PyCaret is an open-source Python module that provides the pipeline for Machine learning. It contains more than 25 preprocessing figures, 75+ machine learning models, and various tuning methods. PyCaret is not a built-in module so we have to install it before using it. Here we will learn how to install PyCaret on various platforms including Windows, Linux, Vs Code, and Jupyter Notebook.

How to Install PyCaret?

PyCaret is known for its low code ability. With just one line of code, we can train several models on a dataset, evaluate the models and select the optimum model. Similarly, the tuning of the model is also performed with just one line of code. It is a new Python module that is getting popular day by day as many people start using it.

You can use the following command to import the PyCaret to your Python script to use it.

import pycaret

If you get an error, ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘pycaret’, it means you have not installed the module on your system yet. You can use the pip command to install the module on your system.

Open the terminal and type ‘pip install pycaret’ to start the installation of the module.

# for pip-2 version
pip install pycaret

# for pip-3 version
pip3 install pycaret
how to install pycaret on windows and linux

If you are using Windows then you can alternatively use the following steps and commands to install the PyCaret.

  1. Open the terminal on Windows
  2. Type any of the given commands, based on your own preference.
# if you are using pip3
pip3 install pycaret

#using pip3 version
python3 -m pip install pycaret

# using py alias (Windows)
py -m pip install pycaret

These commands will help you to install PyCaret on your Windows system.

In order to install the PyCaret on Linux Operating system, you can use the sudo command as shown below:

sudo pip3 install pycaret

Now, you are done with the installation and hopefully, you will not get the error again.

How to Install PyCaret on Jupyter Notebook?

Installing PyCaret on Jupyter Notebook is very simple. Follow the instruction given below:

  1. Open Jupyter Notebook
  2. Go to the new cell
  3. Type “!pip install pycaret”
  4. Hit enter and wait till the installation is complete
  5. Congratulations on installing PyCaret on your system.

How to Install PyCaret Using Anaconda?

Anaconda is another distribution very popular among programmers. If you are using anaconda distribution, then follow the steps to install PyCaret on your system.

  1. Open Anaconda terminal
  2. Type, “conda install pycaret’
  3. Hit enter
  4. Wait for the installation to complete
  5. Close the terminal and open any editor
  6. You can now use PyCaret


PyCaret is a Python module that is specifically made to make Machine Learning developer’s life easy. It contains tons of functions for Machine learning and data preprocessing. With few lines of code, we can train the model, visualize it, and tune the model to get accurate results. Here, we learned the first step which is to install the module on your system.

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